Top 8 Fascinating Facts About Doha Qatar

These facts about Qatar turned out to be more interesting than I presumed. This middle east nation has an incredibly awful reputation in the press, but because I try to distinguish my destinations a walk round Qatar was enough to spark my curiosity.

This place is different than anything else I have seen although I know I sound like a BoredPanda title that is bad.


Qatar is the wealthiest country on Earth

Not a fact you will be surprised by which. With its 124,927 USD per capita, it’s Above European number one — Luxemburg and even above the gambling territory of Macau. No wonder that they have the very best airlines, purchased Neymar in PSG, also are constructing nine new stadiums for your 2022 World Cup


It’s also the safest country on Earth

If we discuss natural disasters . According to scientists, There’s a 0.1% chance of earthquakes in Qatar, making it the number one safest country on the planet .


Qatar is not really Great for hikers

Getting to the facts such as the one today — about Qatar That the nation is flat. Like badly level, there are not any slopes nor anything high there (except that the skyscrapers). The average altitude is just 28 meters which makes it second (supporting The Maldives) most flat country in the world.


There are no trees

Yep, not a single forest. Qatar joins San Marino’s company, Greenland, and Oman, in the world without forests as the four lands that are sole.


They’ve a giant teddy bear on the airport

Made Urs Fischer — The Lamp Bear sits directly in The center of Hamad International Airport and expects you to take a selfie . Apparently, it costs USD 6.8m. Pocket cash for Qatar.


Qataris are town folk

99 percent of the nation lives in the capital of Doha. Considering that the part of All Qataris are rich and the nation is just desert, I’ve got a feeling the remaining 1 percent are fascinating individuals.


They have races out of the future

It is time for the fascinating facts about Qatar’s most interesting. One of their favorite sports of the locals is racing. Until 2004, they utilized children as camel jockey nevertheless, It was decided it’s too dangerous (duh), and kids were replaced with robots. There are robot camel races in Qatar!


They have a Pearl

The last of my facts about Qatar is a one that is pearly. Back in Before they had found their gas and petroleum, Qataris used, the days To earn a living. These Days, an artificial island, Shaped like a string of pearls, is created right on top of one of the Renowned pearl areas of yesteryear. It’s called…drumrolls…The Pearl.

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